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After collaborating for several years as independent consultants, Matt Burns and Meredith Kennedy joined their management consultancies in 2016 to form KeeferAngus. They each bring more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing strategic business solutions for organizations. Together, they provide clients with a non-traditional business consulting experience that focuses on practical, applicable solutions meant to last.

KeeferAngus’ clients work in the renewable energy, natural resource, non-profit, aviation and insurance sectors. They look to KeeferAngus to provide guidance and support relating to planning, project development, management and procurement.

KeeferAngus is built on a commitment to providing clients with sustainable and tangible insights that address business needs. We work regularly with all levels in an organization, from frontline implementers to the Board, ensuring everyone has what they require to make informed decisions.

KeeferAngus has built relationships with a broad network of advisors and consultants. Working in the fields of engineering, communications, supply chain and operations, these professionals contribute their expertise to KeeferAngus projects. This flexibility allows KeeferAngus to augment the capabilities of the partners with additional resources and knowledge, delivering enhanced results for clients.

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Matt Burns Meredith Kennedy Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

We always conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards. This includes treating information about our client’s products, operations and strategies with the utmost confidentiality. We are committed to providing management advice that embraces the highest international norms of ethical behaviour.

We provide our clients with business advice that serves their interests in the long term and allows them to grow their organization in a sustainable fashion.

We are accurate in our billing and invoicing, and guarantee transparency with our clients. We offer a discretionary rate schedule for non-profit organizations.

We have the utmost respect for our stakeholders and work to develop positive long-term relationships based on respect and dignity.

We provide our employees, suppliers and contractors with sustainable remuneration which allows them to live healthy, meaningful lives.

We reduce our impact on the environment through practices such as minimizing on-site meetings requiring unnecessary travel, selecting sustainable modes of transportation, and reducing the need for producing paper materials.

We support the communities in which we operate through volunteerism, sponsorship and long-term giving plans.